OXYCOM used to develop, manufacture and sell OXYCELL®-based cooling systems. As of the beginning of 2007, OXYCOM is now primarily focussing on the production and development of the OXYCELL® as a component for HVAC manufacturers (www.oxy-com.com).

Service OXYCOM end products:
All OXYCELL®-based products purchased before the 1st of January 2007 are no longer serviced by OXYCOM. As we are aware that technical problems may occur, we launched this site to offer you as much problem solving support as possible.
This OXYCOM service site therefore provides you with downloads of our manuals and troubleshoot lists for OXYCELL®-based end equipment. In case of problems with your cooling system, please check these manuals first. If your problems aren’t solved following the instructions provided in these manuals, you can contact our service partners directly. They can give you more technical support. Please, be aware that you might be invoiced by the service partners for any detailed support provided.

Cabin 400

foto Cabin400

Operating Manual (English)
Installation Manual (English)
Trouble-shoot-list (English)

Service partner Cabin 400
For further additional technical support for the Cabin 400, please contact:

TSM Technical Support Marsman
Phone number: 0031 (0)6 23 171 131

Indoor 400 / Rooftop 400 / Rooftop 3000

foto Rooftop

Indoor 400 Operating manual (German)
Indoor 400 Installation manual (German)
Rooftop 400 Operating manual (German)
Rooftop 400 Installation manual (German)
Rooftop 400 Quick Reference list (German)
Rooftop 3000 Installation manual (German)
Rooftop 3000 Quick Reference Quide (German)

Service partner Indoor / Rooftop
For further support concerning our previous delivered Indoor and Rooftop appliances, please contact:

Kampmann GmbH
E-mail Service Center: service@kampmann.de
Phone number: 0049 (0)591 7108-670


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